Lake Buško

Buško jezero, also known as Lake Buško, is a large artificial lake located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was created in the 1970s by damming the Buško Blato wetland area and flooding the surrounding valley.

The lake has a surface area of around 55 square kilometers and is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including rugged mountains, dense forests, and rolling hills. It is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, offering opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, and windsurfing.

There are also several towns and villages located along the shores of Lake Buško, including the town of Tomislavgrad, which is known for its rich cultural heritage and historic architecture. Visitors can explore the town’s numerous museums, galleries, and monuments, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll through its charming streets and squares.

In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, Lake Buško is also an important source of hydroelectric power for the region, with several hydroelectric power plants located along its shores.

Overall, Buško jezero is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and range of outdoor activities make it a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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