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hot air balloons

Regija Cappadocia otkriva fascinantne priče o civilizacijama davno prošlim sa svojim brdima u obliku saća koje karakteriziraju geološke rijetkosti, uključujući dva mjesta svjetske baštine. Sedimentne stijene nastale u jezerima i naslage ignimbrita iz erupcija vulkana ostavile su formacije mekih stijena raštrkane po zemlji, koje su zatim izrezane za stvaranje kuća, crkava i samostana 300. godine. Istražite ove rock kuće samostalno ili u obilasku ili uzmite topografiju odozgo na vožnji balonom. Završite svoj odmor pješačenjem stazama i divite se sumračnoj narančastoj panorami i dolinama u obliku harmonike.


  • Čarobna vožnja balonom
  • Obilazak regije sa turističkim vodičima (zelena i crvena tura)

Kako doći i gdje se smjestiti:

  • U regiji Kapadokije postoje dvija aerodroma - Kayseri i Nevsehir.  Kayseri glavni je aerodrom Kapadokije.
  • Smještaj potražiti u gradu Göreme. Göreme je grad u krajoliku neobičnih vulkanskih stijena koje su oblikovane erozijom u aridnoj klimi.

Antalijska rivijera


22 - 26.5.


The region of Cappadocia reveals fascinating tales of civilizations long past with its honeycombed hills characterized by geological rarities, including two World Heritage Sites. Sedimentary rocks formed in lakes and ignimbrite deposits from erupted volcanoes left soft rock formations scattered across the land, which were then carved out to create houses, churches, and monasteries in 300 CE. Explore these rock houses on your own or on a tour, or take in the topography from above on a hot air balloon ride. Complete your holiday with a hike along the trails and marvel at the dusky orange panorama and accordion-shaped valleys.

Cappadocia Tours:

Rezervisano za 125 eur po osobi!

216 eur za 4 noći za 2 osobe


26.5 - 3.6.


Offering both sandy beaches packed with modern amenities and a historical town center filled with Roman ruins and Ottoman mosques, Antalya serves as one of the country's major tourist destinations.

...wander the streets of Kaleici, go for a stroll along the water at Old City Marina, then stop by Lidya Suzani Carpet Gallery, and finally admire the sheer force of Lower Duden Waterfalls.

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach is located right in the historic center of Antalya, next to the Kaleiçi Harbor behind a cliff. It was once used as a women's beach since it's a bit isolated. But it then evolved into a beach for all city dwellers, and became a lifesaver for them in the heat. Though the beach looks empty in the photo, it is filled with lounge chairs during the summer. Mermerli was on the Blue Flag Beach list in 2017. Click here for the location.

Lara Public Beach

As one of Antalya's most famous beaches in the city center, it's become a bit overcrowded these days. This is another sandy beach, but you'll see a lot of tents set up here as it's the location of many a summer camp. The waters on this beach are hotter than those of Konyaaltı Public Beach (further below) - but one nice aspect is the water is stays shallower for a long distance out. It was also listed as a Blue-Flagged Beach in 2017. Click here for the location.

Konyaaltı Public Beach

This beach has more pebbles compared to Muratpaşa's coastline, but Konyaaltı is known for having the longest shore. The last we heard, it was closed to cars. This sandy stretch is vast and consists of five beaches in succession, and all of them are Blue-Flagged Beaches. Click here for the location.

100 eur za 2 noći sa doručkom za 2 osobe

Salda Gölü

Salda Gölü is a lake located in Burdur, Turkey. They call this place the Turkish Maldives because of the white sand and the crystal clear water, local people call it the Saldives.

The overall attraction is the scenery with the white sand and the different shades of blue in the water, which is rich in magnesium sulphate. It's a must to take your camera gear for some memories. I recommend to take sandals to because of the harsh gravelly sand. The lake is surrounded by mountains and there is just one village around, that's why the lake is very clean.

Near to the lake there are some good cafes and restaurants with friendly local people. Most restaurants are self service and don't cost that much. The staff doesn't speak English but they will find a way to communicate with you.


A popular spa since the second century BCE, the modern city of Pamukkale continues to draw worldwide attention with its hot springs and travertines--naturally formed calcite bathing pools.

...explore the different monuments and memorials at Anatolia Cemetery, explore the ancient world of Hierapolis, and then take in the natural beauty of Pamukkale Thermal Pools.

32 eur za 1 noć sa doručkom za 2 osobe


Alacati and Cesme

Alacati is a charming old Greek town located on Turkey's Cesme peninsular roughly 1 hour from the city of Izmir.


The ancient Greek city of Ephesus was famous for its Temple of Artemis ( The ancient Greek city of Ephesus was famous for its Temple of Artemis (near present-day Selçuk), which was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

...Ephesus Beach (Turkish: Pamucak) is one of the longest beaches (12 km) in Turkey...


...inland village close to Ephesus/Selçuk, surrounded by olive- and vineyards, can be best described as Turkey's Tuscany...

Gümüşlük Mugla

Marmaris -Dolphinarium

Swimming with dolphins - Wikipedia


...yachter's mecca on the tip of a bay with lots of secluded coves and islands, all covered with pine forests...


...the "Blue Lagoon"...


...coastal town with whitewashed Mediterranean architecture...


Kas may be known as Turkey's premier scuba diving destination, but with its ancient ruins, oceanside restaurants, and bougainvillea-covered houses boasting Ottoman-style balconies, the seaside town offers more than just underwater pursuits.

Olympos, Çıralı

Only 1.5 hours away from downtown Antalya, Çıralı is a full 180 from the Antalya beaches in the city. The waters in Çıralı are azure, crisp and cool, the coast is rocky and the sounds of nature (yes, crickets!) take the place of those typical thumping beach club tunes. And there's a historic trail to the beach to boot.

The Olympos Beach is a trench of the Olympus mountains, and it's one of the major nesting areas for Carretta turtles in Turkey. Because of this, you won't be able to find any services like umbrellas or chairs to sit on, as part of the effort to protect the turtles. If you're traveling around in a car, make sure to bring a couple of folding chairs, an umbrella and a table with you if that's how you roll.

Since this is one of the more remote locations, you'll need to walk 5-10 minutes to get to the beach. You'll first buy a ticket at the entrance to the Olympos Ancient City. You can get a single entry ticket for 20 TL, but you can get a multiple-entry ticket that works out to be a better deal.

If you've traveled by car, then you'll be able to park on the right-hand side as you enter the ruins. Parking is 5 TL for 24 hours. Click here for the location.

Ostale plaže na obali od Kas do Antalye:

  1. Papaz Bay (Kumluca)
  2. Korsan Bay (Kumluca)
  3. Adrasan Beach (Kumluca)
  4. Çıralı Beach (Kumluca)
  5. Maden Bay (Kemer)
  6. Phaselis Ancient City (Kemer)
  7. Alacasu Cennet Bay (Kemer)
  8. Kiriş Beach (Kemer)


Sabiha Gokcen Airport

With HAVABUS Shuttles you can travel to and from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, to Kadıköy (1h) and Taksim (1,5h).

The shuttles are white colored and parked in front of the terminal building arrivals level exit ready to take you to Taksim for a fee of 24 TL and to Kadıköy for a fee of 18 TL per person. Shuttle's Taksim departure point is across Taksim Divan hotel, in front of the Point Hotel. Kadıköy departure point is the pier.

3 - 6.6.


78 eur za 3 noći za 2 osobe

Hotel Loka Suites je:

  • 700 m (10 min) od bus stanice za aerodom Sabiha preko kojeg letimo i iz Antalije i za Sarajevo
  • u samoj luci Kadikoy odakle brodom prelazimo za Besiktas (4.6.) i Eminonu (5.6.)
Kadıköy (Azijska strana)

Kadıköy is a laid-back residential neighborhood on Istanbul's Asian shore, famed for its bustling fish and produce market offering Turkish pizza, olives, stuffed mussels, and more. On curving streets, buildings with colorful murals are home to indie boutiques, hip cafes, and Anatolian eateries.

A bit farther along Güneşlibahçe Sokak and on sides streets is Kadıköy's meyhane district, dozens of Turkish tavernas serving good meals and any alcoholic beverages you may want.

If you're up for a walk, continue south along Moda Caddesi to the tea gardens on a promontory at Moda, with fine panoramic views across the Sea of Marmara to Old Istanbul. An alternate walk is along the seaside promenade that begins at the Kadıköy ferry docks and winds along the shore south and east for kilometers.

Farther south and east at Fenerbahçe ("Lighthouse Garden"-you'll see the lighthouse) is a beautiful park built and maintained by the Turkish Touring & Automobile Association. Its Romantika Restaurant is a fine place for a light meal or beverage, with indoor and outdoor dining areas, all with sea views.

Inland, Bağdat Caddesi (Baghdad Avenue) is Kadıköy's main commercial street, lined with upscale boutiques, stores, cafés, bars, restaurants and businesses. Its traffic lanes are jammed with BMWs, Range Rovers, Alfa Romeos and other luxury automobiles, its sideways thronged with the young (and not-so-young), mostly beautiful, and well-dressed.

Maiden's Tower (Azijska strana)

The Maiden's Tower is a fantastic tower on the sea at the entrance of the Bosphorus, along Uskudar coasts. It is the one of the most popular landmarks and monuments of the city. You can enjoy the Kuledebar Cafe of the tower. It is at the top of the tower with a balcony to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the city.

You can take the best photos from the Salacak shore, where the tower is about 150-200 meters at entrance of the Bosphorus. Map - 1h pješice od hotela.


Kadikoy - Besiktas ferry + Map + Besiktas - Kadikoy ferry

Ortakoy - Besiktas ferry (Boğaz Hattı linija) ?

Arnavutköy & Bosphorus (Europski dio, sjever)

Walk along the Bosphorus to get a fantastic view of the Ottoman-style mansions and the fishermen doing their thing. Since it became a popular area for fishing, it has some outstanding seafood restaurants. Enjoy a tasty meal or Turkish tea in a tulip cup while taking in the view.

The Bosphorus is a 19 miles long strait separating the two continents, Asia and Europe, as well as Marmara and Black Sea. The strait is one of the world's most beautiful and charming natural formations and it will sure cheer up your hearts.

You can explore the Bosphorus and take impressive photos by cruising along and visiting the shores of both continents lined up with summer palaces, mansions, fortresses, groves, parks and gardens, by motorboats, yachts and public ferries.

Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall
Ortakoy Mosque

The mosque is situated by the Bosphorus shore along Ortakoy square and has many spots around such as Bosphorus bridge at the background.


Kadikoy - Eminonu ferry + Map + Eminonu - Kadikoy ferry

Fener & Balat

The region is very famous with both locals and tourists. The main squares are quite colorful with touristy cafes and restaurants. At the same time, the region is crowded with antique shops.

2021 Top Best Istanbul City Walking Tours (Hop-On Hop-Off + Guided)


City walking tours has recently become a top travellers' choice especially during this pandemic year. Istanbul also offers many city walking tours for travelers as majority of the popular tourist zones and sights are very accessible on foot.


Whirling dance ceremony, "Sema" in Turkish, is a mystical ceremony and part of the most important heritages from the Islam culture, inspired and improved by Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi (1207-1273), a world famous Islamic mystical poet, theologian and a spiritual master (Sufi).




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Avion Antalya - Istanbul Plaćeno 52
Minibus Kayseri aerodrom - Cappadocia - Kayseri aerodrom Rezervisano 40
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