Dayak on the river Vrbas | Dajak na rijeci Vrbas | Banja Luka


Embark on a dajak boat ride, one of the iconic experiences along the banks of the Vrbas River, revealing the city’s treasure.

Unique worldwide, the dajak boat derives its name from the Turkish word for pole, representing the long wooden stick used to maneuver the boat by pushing off the riverbed.


Due to the shallow and rocky sections of the Vrbas River, motorboats are not an option for navigation.


Legend has it that the dajak originated alongside Banja Luka itself, serving as the primary means of transport from one bank to another before bridges were built. Notably, the dajak is essentially propelled by the pole, making it incorrect to say “riding a dajak” but rather “riding in a dajak boat.” Each boat features a distinct pole, crafted from a single piece.


When in Banja Luka, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this unique and exclusive dayak boat ride, offering a fresh perspective of the Vrbas River.


Contact the Dajak Club to book your adventure and immerse yourself in the lush green beauty.


Tip: Beat the daytime heat by opting for evening dajak boat rides, offering a special atmosphere and a cooler climate.

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