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Bentbaša | Sarajevo

Bentbaša, sometimes pronounced as Bembaša, is a captivating district nestled along Sarajevo’s Miljacka River. This historical site, once hosting Isa-beg’s mills and guesthouses, holds a significant place in the city’s origin. From an ancient bridge made of goat hides commissioned by Omer-paša Latas to the bustling Da Riva Bath, this area’s vibrant history resonates through its alleys. As you delve into Bentbaša’s stories, don’t miss the thrilling tradition of cliff diving that continues to enthrall spectators, harmonizing athleticism with Sarajevo’s iconic landscape.

Livno Wild Horses

Discover the untamed charm of the Livno region in western Bosnia, where a population of over two hundred wild horses roams freely amidst the plains and foothills of Cincar Mountain. These majestic creatures found refuge here almost fifty years ago, left behind by owners who transitioned to mechanized farming. Enduring harsh winters, natural predators, and …

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Via Ferrata

Bosnia and Herzegovina offers thrilling opportunities for adventure enthusiasts with its stunning via ferrata routes. Via ferrata, which means “iron path” in Italian, is a protected climbing route that allows climbers to traverse exposed cliffs and mountains with the aid of fixed steel cables, ladders, and anchors. One popular via ferrata destination is the Via …

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Prenj Mountain | Planina Prenj

…Bosnian Himalayas… View this post on Instagram A post shared by lll.ba Bosnia & Herzegovina Travel Guide (@discover_bosnia_herzegovina) Nestled in the northern part of Herzegovina, the Prenj Massif is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse wildlife, and thrilling activities, this mountain range offers an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts …

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Trebevic Mountain | Planina Trebević

View this post on Instagram A post shared by lll.ba Bosnia & Herzegovina Travel Guide (@discover_bosnia_herzegovina) Discover the breathtaking allure of Trebević Mountain during your visit to Sarajevo. This iconic peak, nestled just outside the city, offers an enchanting escape for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Immerse yourself in the stunning panoramic views of …

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