Other Outdoor Activities

Fortica | Mostar

Nestled atop Fortica hill at 500 meters, Fortica Sports and Adventure Park offers thrilling activities amidst stunning Mostar views. Zip line enthusiasts can enjoy Bosnia and Herzegovina’s longest ride, while climbers can conquer rugged terrain via Ferrata. Hikers and bikers explore scenic trails, with a mountain hut providing cozy accommodation for up to 12 guests. It’s more than a viewpoint; it’s an adventure haven!

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Livno Wild Horses

Discover the enchanting allure of Livno Wild Horses in western Bosnia’s Livno region where hundreds of majestic wild horses roam freely amidst the picturesque plains and foothills of Cincar Mountain. Originating from owners who embraced mechanized farming nearly fifty years ago, these resilient horses have adapted to survive independently, even through harsh winters. Local volunteers, including mountaineers and motorcycle enthusiasts, work tirelessly to protect and preserve these creatures. Guided tours now invite visitors to witness this unique bond, adding to Livno’s identity and attracting tourists seeking a tranquil escape in the midst of nature’s beauty.

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Via Ferrata

“Via ferrata” is an Italian term for a protected climbing route, which lets climbers traverse cliffs and mountains using fixed cables and anchors. Bosnia and Herzegovina offer over 20 of these thrilling routes, providing unforgettable experiences for both experienced and novice climbers, combining adrenaline rushes with striking views. Prioritizing safety, proper equipment use and adherence to guidelines are essential.

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