Natural Monument

Skakavac Natural Monument | Skakavac Spomenik Prirode

Skakavac Natural Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a variety of experiences such as breathtaking waterfalls, over 60 kilometers of digitally mapped hiking trails, a unique climbing route, outdoor activities like mountain biking and bird-watching, historical exploration of tombstones, and local stalls offering regional crafts. From thrill-seekers to history buffs, the park caters to every visitor.

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Prokosko Lake | Prokoško jezero

Prokoško Lake, located within the Vranica mountain range, is a geological jewel known for its clear, spring-fed waters. Positioned 22km from Fojnica at 1670m above sea-level, it promises visitors an adventure-filled journey and captivating natural beauty, despite recent alterations. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the unique Alpine newt, traditional shepherd huts, and a changing landscape, Prokoško Lake is a favorite amongst nature enthusiasts.

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Orlovaca cave | Pećina Orlovača | Pale

Nestled beneath the earth’s surface, Orlovača Cave unveils a mesmerizing underground wonderland, consisting of four interconnected levels. Each level offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience for adventurous souls and nature enthusiasts. The Sinjeve River Subterranean Flow (Lowest Level) The lowest level of Orlovača Cave hosts the active subterranean course of the Sinjeve River. This remarkable

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