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Perucica Primeval Forest | Perućica Prašuma

Discover Europe’s largest primeval forest at Mount Maglić, within Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Sutjeska National Park. Perućica, covering 1,434 hectares, is one of only two remaining primeval forests in Europe. Named the “lungs of Europe,” it boasts 300-year-old trees, a 20,000-year history, and the stunning 70-meter Skakavac waterfall. Recognized by UNESCO, it’s a strictly protected natural reserve with over 170 tree species and diverse wildlife. Explore Perućica’s dense beauty with guidance from Sutjeska National Park, marveling at panoramic viewpoints and the majestic Skakavac waterfall.

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Mostarska Bijela

Uncover the enchanting secret of Mostarska Bijela Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This hidden gem, formed by the Bijela River, beckons nature lovers and adventurers with its pristine waters winding through untouched landscapes. Explore the awe-inspiring canyon, leading to an 80-meter cave where a mesmerizing waterfall awaits. Traverse the icy waters and witness nature’s wonders. Visit between May and June for optimal conditions, bring a headlamp, and let Mostarska Bijela Canyon unveil Bosnia’s captivating beauty. Embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of this natural marvel.

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The train route | Putovanje vozom | Sarajevo – Mostar

Explore the scenic journey of the Sarajevo-Mostar train, hailed as one of the world’s best railway experiences. Traverse Bosnia & Herzegovina’s captivating landscapes during the 2.5-hour ride, featuring mountains, valleys, and Neretva river. Although not the quickest option, it offers a unique glimpse into local life and architecture. However, note that train schedules may vary, with limited daily services. For those prioritizing punctuality or time constraints, alternative transportation modes like buses or private transfers may be preferable.

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Stone spheres | Kamene kugle | Zavidovići

Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina’s mysterious stone spheres, with the largest weighing an impressive 37 tons. Scattered globally, these enigmatic formations in Zavidovići captivate with precise shapes and unknown origins. Theories suggest meteorite remnants or ancient craftsmanship. Locals share intriguing stories of improved well-being, drawing visitors seeking vitality. Couples struggling with conception find hope near these mystical spheres. Uncover the captivating tales and mystery of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s stone spheres, promising intrigue and whispers of well-being in an ancient wonderland.

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Buna Channels | Bunski kanali

Discover the enchanting Bunski kanali, where the Neretva River converges with the Buna tributary over a limestone barrier. This picturesque natural wonder, located near Mostar, offers a unique experience for nature enthusiasts. Explore the site and witness the river’s transformation from a narrow channel to a wider riverbed, showcasing the beauty of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s landscapes. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the source of the Buna River in Blagaj while you’re here or explore are on bicycles.

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Bobija’s Eye | Bobijaško oko | Jelašinovci near Sanski Most

Discover Bobija’s Eye, a captivating natural wonder near Sanski Most. Nestled beneath Grmeč mountain, this enchanting lake, shaped like an eye, mesmerizes with its changing features, from spring-like flows to sinkhole depths. Explore during moderate water levels for the best experience. Be aware of the endemic cave fish and the challenging journey—navigating a rough dirt road and unclear signage.

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Vilenska vrela Falls

Just 40 kilometers away from Banja Luka, in the canyon of a cold and fast mountain river that springs from beneath Mount Čemernica, there are waterfalls, caves, and several whirlpools. Many haven’t heard of this still untouched natural beauty near Kneževo, but those who have visited this magical place at least once always gladly return.

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