Despić House

Despića kuća, also known as the Despić House or House of Despić, is a historic Ottoman-era house located in the old town of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The house was built in the 18th century by a wealthy merchant family and it is a prime example of the traditional Ottoman architecture of the region.

The house features a central courtyard with a fountain and is adorned with intricate woodcarvings, colorful stained glass windows, and traditional Bosnian rugs. It was also equipped with unique features such as a hammam (Turkish bath) and a harem, which was a separate living area for the women of the household.

Today, the Despić House is open to the public as a museum and cultural center, showcasing the traditional way of life of Bosnian Muslims during the Ottoman period. The museum contains various exhibits, including traditional clothing, furniture, and household items, as well as a small ethnographic library. It is a popular tourist attraction in Sarajevo and a must-visit for those interested in Ottoman architecture and Bosnian culture.


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