Emperor’s bridge | Careva Ćuprija | Sarajevo

Careva Ćuprija, nestled between Šeher-Ćehajina Ćuprija and Latinska Ćuprija, was erected beside the complex of Careva Mosque and Isa-beg’s Bath during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Located within the heart of Sarajevo, its historical significance extends to the medieval times when the city emerged. This bridge, built by Isa-beg Ishaković in the 15th century, played a pivotal role in connecting Sarajevo’s administrative-political and economic spheres. The original position of this architectural gem linked the gates of Careva Mosque on the left bank and Kolobara-han on the right. Though rebuilt several times due to natural disasters, its current form dates back to 1897, showcasing Austro-Hungarian engineering. Previously renamed Bogdan Žerajić’s bridge, this historic bridge regained its original name in 1992, encapsulating centuries of Sarajevo’s evolution.


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