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Discover the enchanting “Girl from Una.” Bihać, nestled on the banks of the Una River in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, is filled with special monuments that breathe life into every corner of the city and captivate the attention of both residents and visitors.

Just like the “Mustang” in Texas, the “People of the River” in Singapore, the “Passers-by” in Wroclaw, and the “Man at Work” in Bratislava, Bihać has its own sculpture: the “Girl from Una.”

Chosen to represent the Una River and the “Emeralds of Una,” an organization dedicated to preserving the river and uniting members from 97 countries, the sculpture stands gracefully on the city walls, overlooking the glistening Una River. For over three decades, it has mesmerized travelers and locals alike, leaving them breathless.

The origins of the “Girl from Una” have intrigued the people of Bihać for years. Created during a sculpture symposium in 1967, led by Zagreb sculptor Vladimir Herljević, the sculpture was crafted in his studio.

Despite facing challenges, including an attempt to destroy it, the sculpture has been restored and proudly stands as a symbol of resilience against vandalism. Bihać residents, especially the women of that era, hold fond memories of the artist’s work.

For more than three decades, the people of Bihać have eagerly awaited the return of the “Girl from Una” to her rightful place on the Una River’s banks. They not only wish to reconnect her with the crystal beauty of the river but also seek to preserve the legends and stories surrounding this mysterious Una mermaid.

With her arms outstretched, the “Girl from Una” stands as a testament to timeless beauty and uniqueness, beckoning visitors to experience the enchantment of Bihać and the mesmerizing Una River.

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