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…Green Islands on the Una River…

Connected by charming wooden footbridges, the lush Green Islands along the pristine Una River offer a serene escape for all. Relax on wooden loungers beneath the canopy of trees, gazing at the tranquil river. No rush, no crowds here. Enjoy delicious local cuisine at affordable prices in this laid-back atmosphere.

Nestled in the valley below Mount Grmeč, in the town of Bosanska Krupa along the Una River, the Green Islands are a haven for nature enthusiasts, featuring outdoor amenities like an open-air gym, a children’s playground, beach volleyball, table football, barbecue areas, and a beach bar.

During the summer, you can take part in additional activities, and the Una River offers excellent swimming from June to early September, all in a beautiful natural setting.

Green Islands, are centrally located in Bosanska Krupa, offering easy access to historical sites like the medieval Old Town, promenades, bridges, and local eateries.

For those seeking an active holiday, the nearby Mount Grmeč is perfect for quad biking and mountain biking.

Additionally, you can enjoy rafting through the stunning Una River canyon or engage in various other outdoor activities tailored to your preferences.

Besides the breathtaking nature, Bosanska Krupa provides a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure or traffic. While not a bustling nightlife hub like some tourist spots, the town occasionally hosts concerts, karaoke, sports events, and more, creating an enjoyable and laid-back evening atmosphere.

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