Ismet Mujezinović

Ismet Mujezinović was born in Tuzla in 1907. He completed his fine arts education in Zagreb, and after its completion, he spent time in France, attending a course in art history at the Sorbonne. From the moment he entered the art scene until the end of his life, three distinct periods of our recent history unfolded, corresponding to three clear phases in Ismet Mujezinović’s work: the first, spanning from his first solo exhibition in 1926 to 1941, marked by significant changes, maturation, engagement in various fields, a period of humanistic and ideological commitment, and ultimately, a brilliant flourishing of color that concluded in 1941 with the outbreak of war. The second phase is the wartime period, lasting four years. The third phase is the post-war era characterized by significant achievements, cycles, broad social recognition, and fruitful years of work.

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