Stone spheres | Kamene kugle | Zavidovići


Uncover the secrets of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s enigmatic stone spheres, where the largest weighs an impressive 37 tons.


Scattered worldwide, from Mexico to New Zealand, these captivating formations in Zavidovići municipality beckon with precise and symmetrical shapes, leaving visitors in awe of their mysterious origin.


Theories abound about their creation—remnants of meteorites, ancient civilizations, or the result of glacial movements.


While scientific debates persist, locals share captivating stories of visitors finding improved health and vitality after encountering these mystical spheres. Couples struggling with conception have reported success after spending time in their presence, adding to the allure of these ancient wonders.


Discover the fascinating tales and mysterious allure of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s stone spheres, where ancient marvels promise not just intrigue but whispers of well-being.

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