Krupa na Vrbasu (Krupa Falls)

Krupa na Vrbasu is located on the M-16 highway, about 25km south of Banja Luka. It is situated at the point where the Vrbas River exits the canyon and enters the Krupa Field, with the river Krupa flowing into it from the left side. The place has exceptional natural and cultural values such as waterfalls, mills, and the springs of Krupa, Strika’s Cave, St. Ilija Monastery (1289), a wooden church (XVI century), and the medieval town of Greben (1192). It is suitable for the development of excursion, religious, sports-recreational, scientific, rural, and fishing tourism. At the confluence of the Krupa River and the Vrbas River, there is a campground, and nearby is one of the best-equipped football stadiums in the city of Banja Luka, featuring artificial turf. In Krupa na Vrbasu, there are well-maintained easy and moderate hiking trails that connect significant tourist attractions in the surrounding area.

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