Monument to the Revolution Korcanica | Spomenik na Korčanici | Grmeč


Nestled between the flowing rivers of Una and Sana, the picturesque Grmeč mountain stretches approximately 70 km, holding within its embrace a tale of resilience and liberation during the tumultuous days of the Second World War. This expanse served as a steadfast partisan territory, defying fascist occupation throughout the war.


At the heart of it lies the central monument to the National Liberation War (NOB), standing proudly in the memorial zone of Korčanica, at the foot of Grmeč.

The Memorial Zone “Korčanica” on Grmeč Mountain is a testament to the heroic struggle of this region during the People’s Liberation War. The complex, situated amidst the forested landscape, once housed what was likely the largest partisan hospital on the liberated territory between 1942 and 1943. Nineteen structures spanned an impressive 2732 square meters, marking the historical significance of this sacred ground.

A stone’s throw away from the monument, a partisan airport once stood, bearing witness to the strategic importance of the area. The Korčanica Memorial Zone, located 32 km from Sanski Most, was transformed post-World War II into a landscaped oasis.


An obelisk, a fountain, and two tombs, resting place for the remains of 316 fallen NOVJ fighters, were erected.


In the late 1970s, where the obelisk once stood, the monumental “Revolution” monument emerged.


Adjacent to it, the grand “Ljubav” hotel, now sadly in ruins, once stood as a symbol of pride. The area also boasted a museum with 1300 exhibits, including war trophies and plaques commemorating 1100 fighters.


The completion of the Korčanica Memorial Center in 1979 marked a pinnacle moment.


Designed by Ljubomir Denković, in collaboration with Milovan Matović and Savo Subotin, the 15-meter tall monument became an architectural marvel.


Though decades have passed since the glory days when Korčanica and the village of Jasenica attracted generations to witness their historical grandeur, today, these sites are but poignant memories obscured by weeds and neglect. As you traverse the road between Bosanska Krupa and Sanski Most, the enchanting fusion of nature’s beauty and rich history continues to captivate tourists.


Since the tumultuous events of the 1990s and the subsequent neglect, the Korčanica Memorial Complex stands as a silent witness to the passage of time. The indomitable “Revolution” monument defiantly withstands both the elements and the epochs, inviting visitors to explore a unique blend of history and nature.

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