Old Orthodox Church & Museum | Stara pravoslavna crkva & Muzej | Sarajevo


The Old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo stands as one of the oldest and most valuable cultural and historical landmarks in the region, recognized among the oldest sacred structures in this area.


Conveniently located near Baščaršija, at the beginning of Titova Street, it was first documented in 1539, with the assumption that it was built upon the foundations of an even older church.


The church exhibits the architectural style of medieval Serbian-Byzantine constructions.


It is an exceptional architectural monument, showcasing a treasury of remarkable examples of woodcarving mastery and iconographic art within its interior. This church houses the fifth most valuable collection of icons in the world.


The Museum of the Old Orthodox Church

The Museum of the Old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo, created in 1889 from the church treasury, has a total of 700 valuable exhibits, which are divided into three groups: an extremely important iconographic collection, which is estimated to be the fifth most valuable collection of icons in the world, silversmith’s works ( gold chalices), and liturgical robes, which are very old and date from the 15th to the 19th century.


The museum owns very valuable old works of art, old manuscripts and printed books, church fabrics and embroidery, old money, ethnographic props of votive character, antique weapons, woodcarving handicrafts and a collection of processed stone. The most numerous objects are the works of domestic and foreign painters.


The Museum also keeps several manuscript and printed church books of great value, the most famous of which is the New Canon of Sarajevo Krmčija (legislation), written on parchment in the 14th century.


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