Rafting/Kayaking/Canoing on the Vrbas River | Rafting/Kajaking/Kanuing na rijeci Vrbas


The Vrbas River has a length of 237 km and is the river with the highest fall of all the tributaries of the Sava. It originates on Mount Zec at an altitude of 1780.

Vrbas is the most exciting for paddling from Donji Vakuf to Banja Luka, where Vrbas broke through the limestone rocks with its force and thus formed a beautiful canyon.


Unfortunately, this exciting stream of willows is interrupted by the artificial lake Bočac, which is formed by the hydroelectric power station of the same name.


The part of the Vrbas river that flows through the Tisno canyon is well-known to the rowing population because kayak and canoe championships are held on that part, and in 2022 the world rafting championship was held.


BH White Water made a map of the less steep but no less exciting upper course of the Vrbas River, from Babino Potok to Jajce. This part in the first 5 km offers exciting and dynamic paddling with many rapids of the grade III-IV.


Also interesting is the name of the last of those rapids, with which the more difficult grades end, which local rowers call Azrail. After that, Vrbas continues its flow to Jajce a little less dynamically with Ratings II-II+.


At the entrance to the town of Jajce, Vrbas passes by the beautiful Pliva waterfall, which flows into the Vrbas river, and presents an unforgettable sight that leaves every rower breathless.


In July, an international regatta is organized on Vrbas. Recommended boats for descent are: PK (inflatable kayak/canoe), hard hull kayak and raft boats (until mid-June).

Source: https://white-water.ba/rivers/vrbas


Numerous local tour operators and adventure companies in Banja Luka provide professional rafting tours, ensuring a safe and exciting experience on the river.

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