Tap water | Voda iz slavine | Bosnia & Herzegovina

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, tap water is generally safe to drink in most areas. The water supply is treated with chlorine and other disinfectants, and the water quality is monitored regularly to ensure it meets national and international standards.

However, in some rural or remote areas, the water supply may not be treated or monitored regularly, so it’s best to check with the locals or authorities to ensure the safety of the water before drinking it. Additionally, some people may experience digestive problems when drinking water from a new place, so it’s always a good idea to have bottled water as a backup option.

If you prefer to drink bottled water, it is widely available in Bosnia and Herzegovina and can be found in most shops and supermarkets. It’s always important to stay hydrated, particularly during the hot summer months, so be sure to carry a water bottle with you and refill it as needed.

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