Academy of Fine Arts | Akademija likovnih umjetnosti | Sarajevo

Immerse yourself in the world of creativity and talent at the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, an esteemed faculty within the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Founded in 1972 by renowned professors and acclaimed artists, the academy nurtures a passion for fine arts.

Initially housed in the Pedagogical Academy building, today’s ALU found its home in a historically significant place. The very structure that now stands as the academy was once an evangelist church, crafted in the Romanesque-Byzantine style by architect Karlo Paržik during the Austro-Hungarian era.

Ravaged during the Bosnian War, this site holds cultural and historical significance, protected as a heritage monument.

Bridge “Festina lente” in front of ALU

As you approach the academy, traverse the picturesque pedestrian bridge spanning the Miljacka river, adorned with the timeless Latin phrase “Festina lente” (make haste slowly). Step inside this artistic sanctuary, where the legacies of eminent artists and scholars come alive, shaping the next generation of visionaries.

Explore a realm of imagination, where artistry and heritage intertwine, and let the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo leave a lasting impression on your artistic journey.


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