Vilson’s Promenade | Vilsonovo šetalište | Sarajevo

Vilsonovo šetalište is a popular promenade and park located in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. It stretches along the Miljacka River and offers scenic views of the city and surrounding mountains.

The promenade is named after former US President Woodrow Wilson, who supported the independence of Yugoslavia after World War I. Along the promenade, there are many cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops, as well as historic buildings such as the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, especially during the warmer months.

Vilsonovo šetalište
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Edin SacakEdin Sacak
13:03 25 Dec 23
The most beautiful place in Sarajevo for a walk for the whole family, regardless of the season.
Meho MlivoMeho Mlivo
13:39 24 Dec 23
Sarajevo setlist "VILS" EXCELLENT
zlatna puzlazlatna puzla
07:18 22 Dec 23
A. ZigaA. Ziga
17:57 21 Dec 23
Alija ArnAlija Arn
17:19 13 Dec 23
Smokvica IvicakSmokvica Ivicak
11:16 11 Dec 23
Bruno StjepanovicBruno Stjepanovic
14:57 10 Dec 23
Miroslav ŠornMiroslav Šorn
19:24 06 Dec 23
14:59 27 Nov 23
Jadranko ŠkorićJadranko Škorić
00:18 19 Nov 23
Pleasant for a walk.
Jadranko ŠkorićJadranko Škorić
21:16 10 Nov 23
abdulah gibovicabdulah gibovic
06:22 08 Nov 23
DRON NLO (Dji 3 pro)DRON NLO (Dji 3 pro)
14:58 03 Nov 23
Vedran MrkajicVedran Mrkajic
18:35 02 Nov 23
Amina B. KarkeljaAmina B. Karkelja
11:54 14 Oct 23
Imran CengicImran Cengic
19:49 13 Oct 23
Ahmed MahinićAhmed Mahinić
18:47 13 Oct 23
Hamid JamakovićHamid Jamaković
15:15 08 Oct 23
Dijana VezicDijana Vezic
15:00 08 Oct 23
Along with a wonderful autumn walk, inhale the scent of leaves, caress the wind and surrender to the experience
Aldin UkaAldin Uka
22:13 06 Oct 23
A pleasant place to walk. Definitely a recommendation.
Armin NArmin N
21:40 30 Sep 23
Silvana BečićSilvana Bečić
14:56 18 Sep 23
Nedim SahovicNedim Sahovic
17:21 10 Sep 23
A beautiful promenade in the city center.
Irfan KapetanovicIrfan Kapetanovic
20:35 09 Sep 23
Every city is blessed to have a set list like this...It would be even better if the traffic was completely closed... we need to preserve this beauty for the next generations..
Maja KovacMaja Kovac
17:08 07 Sep 23
The street along the very bank of Miljacka is closed to traffic every day after 5 p.m. and becomes a real promenade along the river.The traffic ban also applies to weekend days, so you can enjoy a walk in the beautiful surroundings and the shade of linden and chestnut trees.It protects you from the heat in the summer and the wind in the winter, although if you're hiking with a baby, a cap is a must because it will blow sometimes.Enjoyment is guaranteed.Spring, summer or autumn, it doesn't matter.And the winter, cold and long, becomes less difficult when walking along the New Year's lights decorated Wison promenade.
Bruno MaricBruno Maric
07:18 11 May 22
Beautiful place for walk and recreation.
Selen YilmazSelen Yilmaz
09:32 06 Feb 22
A nice road by the river surrounded with trees, restaurants bars and cafe shopsGood for riding bicycle running and walkingThey close the road to car traffic after 16.00 h. Or 17.00 and on weekends no carsSo its safe for kidsI would suggest cafe bar TITOIts a good place for kids on summer spring seasons and they have a small open air museum regarding civil warThey don't serve food but you can order from other restaurants or bring food with you
Damir HasanbegovicDamir Hasanbegovic
11:10 20 Jun 21
Great place for jogging or just walking
Drone Experiencer1480Drone Experiencer1480
17:00 22 May 20
Great place to walk and have a nice time along the Miljacka river!Nice place to be!
Anel KazazicAnel Kazazic
16:51 06 Apr 18
A traditional place in Sarajevo for walking and relaxing. Here the people and children can find lot of sources for play and fun.

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