Bobija’s Eye | Bobijaško oko | Jelašinovci near Sanski Most


Nestled beneath the majestic Grmeč mountain, just twenty kilometers from Sanski Most, lies one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most intriguing natural marvels – Bobijaško oko, or “Bobija’s Eye.” This small yet enchanting lake, resembling an eye in shape, rests at the bottom of an impressive karst valley, boasting characteristics of both a spring and a sinkhole, depending on its water levels. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, Bobijaško oko is truly a sight to behold.


Bobijaško oko is more than just a typical lake – its size varies with the seasons and rainfall. During periods of heavy rain, it exhibits spring-like characteristics, while in times of low water levels, it transforms into a sinkhole. The lake is intricately connected to the sources of the Dabar and Zdena rivers, facilitating bidirectional water flow.


To experience Bobijaško oko at its best, visit during periods of moderate to low water levels. During this time, the karst phenomenon astounds visitors with its incredible appearance. However, high water levels may impede access, as the lake becomes inundated. We recommend visiting from late spring to winter, but please note that swimming is strictly prohibited.


An intriguing aspect of Bobijaško oko is its inhabitance by an endemic species of cave-dwelling fish, discovered by English divers and speleologists several years ago.

Exploring Bobijaško Oko requires navigating a rough dirt road and parking in a meadow with a short walk to reach the site. Despite its stunning surroundings, the route is poorly marked, and navigation may lead to confusion.

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