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The Memorial Museum “Birthplace of Ivo Andrić” | Memorijalni muzej “Rodna kuća Ive Andrića” | Travnik

Journey Through Literary Brilliance: Ivo Andrić’s Birthplace Discover the captivating world of Ivo Andrić, Nobel Prize winner in Literature, born on October 9, 1892. Step into the Memorial Museum, a time capsule reconstructed in 1974, celebrating the life and brilliance of this literary maestro. Explore Andrić’s legacy through a curated exhibition showcasing his most enchanting

The Memorial Museum “Birthplace of Ivo Andrić” | Memorijalni muzej “Rodna kuća Ive Andrića” | Travnik Read More »

The Regional Museum | Zavičajni muzej | Travnik

The Regional Museum Travnik stands as a testament to the region’s captivating past, offering a unique and immersive experience for history enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Established in 1950, this museum boasts an impressive collection of approximately 80,000 exhibits that weave together the natural, archaeological, and cultural tapestry of Central Bosnia. Natural Wonders Unveiled: The

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White Fortress | Bijela Tabija | Sarajevo

Discover the captivating history of Bijela Tabija, an ancient fortress with panoramic views of Sarajevo. Dating back to the Middle Ages, this iconic landmark underwent expansions during Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule. The fortress, originally 75 x 50 meters with four towers and one above the entrance gate, strategically sits on the southern edge, offering extraordinary vistas. Explore its military significance, stone walls with gunports, and timeless charm with limestone blocks.
Today, Bijela Tabija serves as a versatile venue for a variety of events and cultural happenings.

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Old Orthodox Church & Museum | Stara pravoslavna crkva & Muzej | Sarajevo

Explore the rich history of the Old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo, a venerable cultural and historical treasure. Dating back to 1539, it showcases medieval Serbian-Byzantine architecture and boasts a remarkable interior with exquisite woodcarving and iconic art. Positioned near Baščaršija, it houses the world’s fifth most valuable collection of icons. The associated Museum, established in 1889, features 700 precious exhibits, including significant iconographic pieces, gold chalices, and ancient liturgical robes. With diverse artifacts spanning the 15th to the 19th century, the museum is a captivating repository of art, manuscripts, books, and ethnographic items.

Old Orthodox Church & Museum | Stara pravoslavna crkva & Muzej | Sarajevo Read More »

Colorful Mosque | Šarena džamija | Travnik

Explore Travnik’s vibrant history at the Šarena Džamija, a 16th-century masterpiece. Known for its captivating ornaments and unique architecture, this mosque in the heart of Donja čaršija district showcases flourishing trees, grapevines, and calligraphic details. The Šarena Džamija, meaning colorful mosque, boasts richly decorated interiors, including ornamental sections and a gallery with names of Prophet Muhammad’s companions. Serving both sacred and secular purposes, it defies architectural norms, with a left-side minaret due to ground conditions. Despite challenges, including a 1903 fire, extensive restoration in the 1980s preserved its botanical charm, attracting history and architecture enthusiasts.

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Ismet Mujezinović

Ismet Mujezinović was born in Tuzla in 1907. He completed his fine arts education in Zagreb, and after its completion, he spent time in France, attending a course in art history at the Sorbonne. From the moment he entered the art scene until the end of his life, three distinct periods of our recent history

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Mehmed Meša Selimović

Mehmed Meša Selimović, born on April 26, 1910, in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a prominent Bosnian-Herzegovinian writer. Growing up in Tuzla, he completed his primary school and gymnasium education. In 1930, he enrolled in the study program for Serbo-Croatian language and Yugoslav literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. He graduated in

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Salt Museum | Muzej soli | Tuzla

Discover the rich history of Solana Tuzla, the oldest food industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a remarkable 136-year legacy in salt production. Explore the innovative “closed-loop” process for absolute protection against external influences. Immerse yourself in the Salt Museum, a captivating journey through time, showcasing traditional tools and historical artifacts. Solana Tuzla’s pivotal role in Austro-Hungarian and Yugoslavian eras, coupled with its designation as a national monument, cements its status as a key salt producer in Southeast Europe. Experience the intersection of tradition and modernity in this cultural and industrial gem.

Salt Museum | Muzej soli | Tuzla Read More »

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