Muslibegovic House | Muslibegovića kuća | Mostar

The Muslibegovic House is a historic museum located in the Old Town of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a beautifully preserved Ottoman-era house that was built in the 18th century by the Muslibegovic family, who were wealthy merchants and politicians in the region.

The Muslibegovic House is a fine example of traditional Ottoman architecture, with its distinctive stone walls, wooden ceilings, and colorful ceramic tiles. It has been beautifully restored and decorated with traditional furnishings, textiles, and artwork, providing visitors with a glimpse into the lifestyle of wealthy Ottoman families during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Visitors to the Muslibegovic House can explore its many rooms, which include a reception hall, a sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen, and several bedrooms. The house also has a traditional Turkish bath, or hamam, which has been restored and is still in use today.

In addition to its beautiful architecture and furnishings, the Muslibegovic House also has a fascinating history. It was used as a residence, a trading center, and a meeting place for politicians and intellectuals during the Ottoman period. During World War II, it was used as a military headquarters by the German army, and after the war, it was nationalized by the Yugoslav government and used as a school.

Today, the Muslibegovic House is a popular tourist attraction and museum, offering visitors a unique insight into the history and culture of Mostar and the Ottoman Empire. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, architecture, and traditional culture.

In the city, there are two more well-preserved Turkish houses, Kajtaz House & Biscevic House.

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