Ćevabdžinica Limenka | Tuzla


Cevabdzinica Limenka in Tuzla is a must-visit destination to immerse yourself in the rich local culinary offerings. Renowned for its delectable cevapi, a traditional Bosnian delight of grilled minced meat served with bread and condiments, Cevabdzinica Limenka promises an authentic and flavorful journey into Bosnian cuisine. The ambiance is vibrant and laid-back, attracting both locals and visitors who relish the tantalizing dishes.


Be sure to savor the somun, a special bread that beautifully complements the cevapi. Cevabdzinica Limenka stands as a treasured local establishment, celebrated for its delightful cuisine and warm hospitality, providing an unforgettable dining experience for those exploring Tuzla.

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