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Ćevapi is a popular grilled dish made of minced meat, shaped into sausage-like portions. The meat is seasoned with various spices and then grilled until crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.


It is traditionally served with somun or lepinja, a type of Bosnian bread, and usually accompanied by chopped onions and kajmak (a type of clotted cream). Drinking pair is usually yogurt or sour milk.


Ćevapi is a beloved food in Bosnia and Herzegovina and can be found in many Ćevabdžinicas (ćevapi restaurants).

Types of Bosanski Ćevapi


The eternal dilemma with cevapi is where to find the best ones in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some argue that the finest can be savored in Banja Luka, while others claim Travnik, Sarajevo or Tuzla as the ultimate destinations. Each region has its own slight variation in the recipe and preparation method, adding to the debate and excitement surrounding these delicious minced meat sausages.


Whether you prefer the a meat tile typically consisting of four ćevapi connected in a row in Banja Luka, the seasoned perfection of Travnik, or the smoky flavor of Sarajevo, exploring the cevapi scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a culinary adventure worth embarking on.


Ćevapi are traditionally eaten with hands, often served without cutlery and only with a toothpick. In Ćevabdžinicas (ćevapi restaurants), it is common to have water available for customers to wash their hands before and after the meal.


There are many places in Bosnia and Herzegovina that are famous for their ćevapi. Here are some of the most popular ones to try them:

Banja Luka

Ćevabdžinica kod Muje


Restaurant Tima Irma


Ćevabdžinica Hari


Ćevabdžinica Limenka


Ćevabdžinica Hodžić

Ćevabdžinica Mrkva

Ćevabdžinica Petica Ferhatović

Ćevabdžinica Željo

Restaurant AEMS

Keep in mind that there are many other great places to try ćevapi throughout the country, and it’s worth asking locals for their recommendations as well!

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