Emergency numbers

Here are some emergency numbers to keep in mind while traveling in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  1. Police – 122
  2. Fire Department – 123
  3. Ambulance – 124
  4. Search and Rescue – 121
  5. Roadside Assistance – 1285
  6. Mountain Rescue Team – 121

It’s a good idea to keep these numbers handy in case of an emergency. If you’re traveling with a mobile phone, you can also dial the European emergency number, 112, which will connect you to the appropriate emergency services.

The emergency numbers listed above are toll-free and can be dialed from any phone in the country. When you call, an operator will answer and ask for your location, the nature of the emergency, and any other relevant information. They will then dispatch the appropriate emergency service, such as the police, fire department, or ambulance, to your location.

In addition to these emergency services, there are also a number of hospitals and clinics located throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you need medical attention, you can visit one of these facilities or call an ambulance to take you there.

It’s also worth noting that English is not widely spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly outside of the major tourist areas. If you’re calling an emergency number and don’t speak Bosnian, you may want to have a local or someone who speaks the language nearby to assist you.

Overall, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the emergency numbers and procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina before you travel, so that you’re prepared in case of an emergency.

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