Historical Museum of B&H | Historijski muzej Bosne i Hercegovine | Sarajevo

Established in 1945 as the Museum of the Revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and later renamed the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993, this museum offers a captivating journey through the various facets of Bosnian and Herzegovinian history.

A Walk Through Time

Dive into the pages of history as you explore the museum’s rich collections, often seen through the eyes of eyewitnesses and ordinary people who lived through these times.

The centerpiece of the museum is the “Besieged Sarajevo” exhibition, a compelling narrative of the lives of Sarajevo’s citizens during the 1992-1995 siege.

It’s a testament to the resilience, resourcefulness, and creativity of Sarajevans during the trying times of the siege.

Witnessing War and Rebirth

Complementing this exhibition is the powerful photography display “15 Years” by Jim Marshall, capturing the ravages of war and the post-war rebirth of Sarajevo.

These poignant images provide a visual narrative of Sarajevo’s journey through the conflict and into the hopeful era of rebuilding.

Unlocking the Past

The “Open Depot” is an exciting feature where historical artifacts from the World War II and socialist eras are presented in their authentic settings. Here, history comes alive, offering a unique glimpse into the past.

Nudžejma KarkeljaNudžejma Karkelja
13:00 16 Dec 23
Azra JasikaAzra Jasika
23:07 10 Dec 23
Inspired by the relived experience of the besieged Sarajevo and the encounter with the exhibition of photographs by Munever Salihović "People", which affirm dreams, hopes and good in people, I want to invite you to the spaces and galleries of this Museum.Due to permanent installations and other current projects or exhibitions, I am sending you a public invitation to come and meet the employees of this cultural institution - great people, who persistently and dedicatedly work to promote positive values ​​in people, especially children.Today, curator Elma, in the cold rooms of the Museum, taught facts from life according to the principle: "Learn for knowledge and useful things for life, not for grades." In this, she was supported by the exhibition exhibits, and the listeners were students of the 9th grade from "SSK" Sarajevo.
19:12 25 Nov 23
My suggestion is not to come, it’s just a warehouse.
nuran guvennuran guven
08:04 24 Nov 23
Zrno ČulićZrno Čulić
20:41 16 Nov 23
Must visit
Nermin IbrahimovicNermin Ibrahimovic
16:47 11 Nov 23
Rotasız YolcuRotasız Yolcu
11:17 06 Nov 23
We only saw the exterior architectural structure, it was not aesthetic.
Igor MauharIgor Mauhar
20:15 02 Nov 23
Mario MartinovičMario Martinovič
18:05 02 Nov 23
Friendly staff... but unfortunately the museum is bad.
Iris en rutaIris en ruta
21:30 30 Oct 23
SCAM!! Worst museum I have ever been. If you want to lose money and time, go here. I paid 7KM to see some photos without explanations, to see some objects with only explanations in Bosnian and to see a museum that has no structure at all. Also, it was dirty, they were also doing some renovation work and the staff was completely incompetent.
Elisabetta ZurovacElisabetta Zurovac
15:46 29 Oct 23
My four stars are for: the brutalist architecture, the Tito café on the ground floor and the installation relating to 1990s emigration.The rest, as other reviews say, is a bit disappointing so don't go there with too high expectations. You'll probably find it all a little sloppy.
Eren KucukEren Kucuk
16:59 26 Oct 23
Entry price (7KM) is definitely too much for the content inside. Took about 20 minutes to check everything.Also the name is a bit misleading since the biggest room was dedicated to coral reefs in a "History museum"
Selçuk ÖzcanSelçuk Özcan
17:55 24 Oct 23
Only good museum in Bosnia.
14:33 24 Oct 23
It is not recommended to go to a place without content.
04:13 18 Oct 23
There's very little to see.
Small museum
Marwan RaghebMarwan Ragheb
18:29 09 Oct 23
For a reason beyond logic, this museum is somehow abandoned and left to fall apart unless someone has a reason to purposely do that. It is worthwhile a visit
Peter OttoPeter Otto
18:29 03 Oct 23
Unfortunately almost nothing to see. It's a shame, so much more would have been possible...
Faith LeongFaith Leong
10:23 01 Oct 23
Unfortunately, I am joining the chorus of negative reviews. I really wanted to learn about the Bosnian war and the siege of Sarajevo that seems to be so prevalent in the collective memory of locals, but the museum provided no information about it. There’s an exhibit about a play during the war (downstairs, it looks a bit dingy and smells a bit like piss) and an exhibit about refugees, but it is minimal and doesn’t explain even how these situations came to be. There’s also an exhibit about surveillance of journalists in Bosnia but once again it explains very little about who and what is trying to instill fear.I asked the ticketer where I could find information about the Bosnian war and to his credit, he let me borrow a book from the gift shop to read in the museum so that I could find out more. I basically read about the siege of Sarajevo and the NATO operation that ended the war in an hour, and I wonder why they couldn’t make this into an exhibit. Still have many questions, but the museum answers none of them, unfortunately.
Dominic LeipoldDominic Leipold
10:50 30 Sep 23
DO NOT GO!not worth at all! museum is under construction and the guy at the entrance didn't inform us.nothing to see!DO NOT GO!
Catherine BrocknerCatherine Brockner
08:44 25 Sep 23
Mariusz MaśnicaMariusz Maśnica
12:09 24 Sep 23
19:52 23 Sep 23
Artyom IvanovArtyom Ivanov
12:19 19 Sep 23
I don’t understand anything, where are the exhibitions? The cashier sent down the stairs there were two small rooms - that's all. I went up the stairs - there was nothing there.Absolute disappointment, I don't understand what I paid for.
Maybe Dead CatMaybe Dead Cat
14:55 14 Sep 23
Almost no translation, most of the exhibition wasn't even about history. The museum is probably during renovation or something, whole exhibition took us less than 30 minutes.
Eldar PezerEldar Pezer
03:34 31 Aug 23
Exceptional museum rich in arts and history. Houses old analog photography booth and excellent library as well as depo of museum
Duco ChapelleDuco Chapelle
15:10 11 Aug 23
The building is nice to visit, it probably has its own history which is unfortunately not documented. Half the artifacts itself are only described in Bosnian, perhaps the museum is not internationally targeted. There are multiple exhibitions, some a bit too arty for me, but hey, it's a museum; don't open the "dead pigeon" bag.
Daniel LiDaniel Li
18:38 16 Apr 23
Standing amongst the dead, and imagining the usage of heavy weapons and further killing perpetuated there, it really gives a unique perspective on the lack of humanity in Sarajevo during the siege.Beyond that, it is a very nice place. One of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe.
Ihor HavrylyukIhor Havrylyuk
20:15 22 Oct 22
Good museum, interesting displays, but how is possible that only cash is accepted? Please make sure people can pay with cards. Because of this I couldn't buy souvenirs in the museum and support you with my money.

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