Gluten-Free | Vegetarian | Vegan

For travelers with a preference for gluten-free, Vegetarian & Vegan dining options, Bosnia and Herzegovina boasts numerous restaurants dedicated to meeting their dietary needs.

Bistro Zdravo Sarajevo


No Gluten Factory Sarajevo


Marshall’s Gelato Sarajevo


Zara iz Duvara Sarajevo


Restoran Kibe Mahala Sarajevo


Nanina Kuhinja Sarajevo


Mala Stanica Banja Luka


Kazamat Banja Luka


Restoran Hindin Han Mostar


Restoran Sadrvan Mostar


For those seeking gluten-free groceries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, convenience is just around the corner. DM stores, as well as large-format supermarkets like Mercator and Bingo, offer a wide selection of gluten-free products to cater to your dietary preferences.

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