For travelers seeking halal dining options, Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a diverse array of restaurants catering to halal dietary requirements. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Sarajevo, the historic town of Mostar, or the serene countryside around Kakanj, you’ll find numerous establishments serving delicious halal cuisine.

Malak Farma Kakanj


Aščinica Saray Mostar


Novotel Hotel Bristol Sarajevo


Cordoba Cafè & Restaurant Sarajevo


Hotel Krone Sarajevo


Hotel Pino Nature Trebević


Additionally, it’s important to note that the listed dining establishments hold halal certification. However, it’s worth mentioning that a significant number of other restaurants throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina also serve halal food, albeit without official certification. Whether you choose to dine at certified establishments or explore the wide range of halal options available, you’re sure to enjoy the authentic flavors and hospitality that Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer.

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