Ivo Dusper’s house | Kuća Ive Duspera | Kraljeva Sutjeska

Sutjeska was once a vital center linked to the royal court. The Dusper House, built in the Ottoman period, reflects the area’s rich history and development.

The Dusper House boasts a stone ground floor, a first floor with wooden verandas, and an attic room. Its steep roof, adorned with shingles, adds to its allure. Inside, you’ll find a cozy kitchen, storage rooms, and three inviting rooms.

Despite the passage of time, the Dusper House maintains its original charm with small windows, simple doors, and rustic interiors. It stands as a testament to the region’s enduring traditions.

As you explore Sutjeska and visit the Dusper House, experience the captivating history and architecture that shaped medieval Bosnia. Discover the heritage of a bygone era in this enchanting National Monument.

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