Mosque of Sultan Mehmed II El Fatih the Conqueror | Džamija sultana Mehmeda II El Fatiha Osvajača | Kraljeva Sutjeska

In the picturesque village of Kraljeva Sutjeska, Bosnia, lies a historical treasure – the Mosque. Although little documentation exists about its origin, folklore suggests the Mosque dates back to around 1463.


With limited historical records, the legend surrounding this mosque is truly captivating. It’s said that Mehmed II, famously known as the Conqueror, along with his army, constructed this mosque in just a matter of days. This remarkable feat followed the capture of Bobovac, signifying a significant era in Ottoman history. The mosque is also recognized by two alternative names: “The Mosque in Kraljeva Sutjeska” and the “Military Mosque.”

What makes this mosque even more intriguing is that it’s one of the few surviving wooden structures from the Ottoman period. Its serene courtyard is adorned with approximately fifty tombstones, bearing witness to centuries of history.

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A testament to the local community’s dedication, this mosque has stood the test of time, preserved through generations, and is a symbol of both architectural and historical significance.

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