Mosque of Sultan Mehmed II El Fatih the Conqueror | Džamija sultana Mehmeda II El Fatiha Osvajača | Kraljeva Sutjeska

In the picturesque village of Kraljeva Sutjeska, Bosnia, lies a historical treasure – the Mosque. Situated on plots 247 and 248, the property belongs to the Islamic Religious Community and stands as a symbol of the region’s rich heritage.

Although little documentation exists about its origin, folklore suggests the Mosque dates back to around 1463. Throughout history, it served as a significant religious center.


The Mosque is a rectangular building with approximate dimensions of 7.93 x 13.10 meters. Constructed mainly from clay bricks with wooden elements, the exterior and interior have been plastered and whitewashed.

Access to the Mosque is through a closed vestibule, leading to the central prayer area, all under a single steep four-sloped roof. Within the Mosque are various spaces, including an ablution area, a prayer room, and an upper level with a classroom and a balcony.

The Mosque’s interior is adorned with light green floral patterns painted using a roller technique. A mihrab, an elliptical niche, features beautiful geometric and floral motifs in shades of blue, black, yellow-green, and ochre.

On the right side of the mihrab stands the wooden mimber, complete with nine steps and a blue-colored canopy. Rising above the building, an octagonal minaret stands tall with ornate arches, adding to the Mosque’s grace.

The Mosque boasts rectangular windows placed in two rows, allowing ample light to enter. The steep four-sloped roof, covered with double-falanged tiles, shelters the structure. A wooden minaret ascends from the center of the roof.

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The Mosque has undergone modifications over the years, but the exact timing remains uncertain. Nevertheless, its historical and architectural significance has earned it great care and respect from the Islamic community and local inhabitants.


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