Lake Balkana | Jezero Balkana | Mrkonjić Grad

While Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for its stunning natural landscapes, one of the hidden gems worth exploring is Lake Balkana. Tucked away near town Mrkonjic grad, next to the former “AVNOJ Road” (Jajce – Mrkonjić Grad – Bihać), this picturesque lake offers a tranquil retreat for nature lovers.

It is surrounded by meadows and dense oak and coniferous forests.

A smaller part of the lake is arranged as a bathing area, while the larger part, rich in trout, is a meeting point for fishermen.

Several legends about the origin of the lake have been preserved among the people of this area. It is interesting how its name came about. According to tradition, there were two strong and deep springs-wells, full of fish. Since fish is called ‘baluk’ in Turkish, the springs were named Balukhana (the habitat of fish). Over time, the name changed to Balukana and finally Balkana (which has nothing to do with the term Balkan).

Next to the lake, there is a Hotel Balkana with its restaurant known for its specialties such as pura, cicvara, uštipci, grilled lamb, lamb cooked under a baking bell, variously prepared trout, and more.

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