Waterfall Bereg | Vodopad Bereg | Rakitnica near Rogatica

The Bereg Waterfall is located at the confluence of the Bereg River with the Rakitnica River, near the village of Rakitnica, approximately 8 kilometers north of the town of Rogatica. Here, the Bereg River has formed a travertine cascade. The foaming, clear, and cold water plunges almost vertically from a height of about 10-12 meters after flowing over the travertine cascades, creating a curtain-like waterfall that falls into a deep amphitheater, also known as a travertine bathtub. At the bottom of the amphitheater, there is a small lake with a depth of approximately 2 meters, surrounded by travertine blocks. The water in the lake has a turquoise-green color. On the side of the main waterfall, there are several smaller ones that disappear during the summer when the river’s water level decreases. The Bereg Waterfall belongs to the category of accumulation waterfalls, formed by the accumulation of travertine.

The waterfall is significant due to its preservation as a geomorphological feature. The entire area surrounding the waterfall represents a small oasis of untouched nature, captivating with its diversity and harmony of shapes and colors in any season. Standing beside it, you can experience the refreshing effect of a cool shower, ideal for relieving summer heat. During the summer months, local youth from Rakitnica and neighboring villages have traditionally used the waterfall as a place for swimming and refreshment.

It is difficult to determine from which location the view of the waterfall is more beautiful. Choose a spot that suits you best, whether it be on one of the rocks or on the grass around the water. Surrender yourself to the pleasure, forget about everyday life, and immerse yourself in nature. The sound of the water neutralizes the stress of work, obligations, and long journeys.

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