Mostarska Bijela


Discover the hidden marvel of Mostarska Bijela Canyon, a spectacular natural wonder tucked away in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


A mesmerizing spectacle, this canyon is formed by the Bijela River, offering clear and drinkable water that winds through untouched nature, attracting nature lovers and adventurers alike.


The highlight is the canyon itself, carved over thousands of years, leading to a breathtaking 80-meter-long cave where a fascinating surprise awaits.


For a thrilling experience, traverse the cave’s icy waters, marvel at the narrow passages, and be captivated by the enchanting waterfall at the end.

Plan your visit between May and June, try to be there around noon, bring a headlamp and spare clothes, and let Mostarska Bijela leave you with unforgettable impressions of Herzegovina’s hidden treasures.

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