Museum of Optical Illusions | Muzej optičkih iluzija | Sarajevo

…a place for stimulating and intellectually engaging entertainment suitable for all ages…

Museum of Optical Illusions in Sarajevo is a world that defies objective reality, tricks your senses, and toys with your perception.

Visitors can explore the interactive exhibition, which boasts nearly a hundred exhibits suitable for both children and adults. This exhibition combines entertainment with education, making it ideal for groups and solo explorers.

As you journey through the displays, you’ll become a part of the illusions, capturing remarkable photos and learning how your sense of sight can be easily tricked through wall illusions, each complemented by insightful descriptions. The museum also features exhibits that require your movement or the touch of your hand to reveal their illusions and deceptive powers.

Incorporating the rich culture and tradition of Bosnia & Herzegovina, the exhibition highlights the region’s unique figures and characteristics through illusions and interactive installations.

The curators at the Museum of Optical Illusions, Sarajevo, are available to answer questions, provide guidance, suggest the optimal route through the exhibition, or engage in conversations about your impressions.

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