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On February 8, 1984, amidst a distinguished gathering of dignitaries, including the esteemed President of the International Olympic Committee, J.A. Samaranch, the Olympic Museum in Sarajevo celebrated its grand inauguration. This momentous event coincided with the kick-off of the XIV Winter Olympic Games, to which the Museum is dedicated.


Situated within the captivating Mandić Villa, an architectural masterpiece dating back to 1903 and envisioned by Karl Paržik, the museum is a testament to Olympic history and elegance.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, the museum houses a diverse array of Olympic-related exhibits, featuring sports equipment, iconic Olympic torches, captivating photographs, and prestigious medals.


The exhibits vividly capture the essence of the Games, showcasing iconic venues in Sarajevo, including Zetra, Skenderija, Koševo Stadium, and the scenic mountains of Bjelasnica, Jahorina, Igman, and Trebević.

Comité International Olympique (CIO) / PETER, Grégoire

Despite enduring significant damage during the initial aggression on our city on April 27, 1992, the museum’s dedicated staff miraculously preserved most exhibits. From 2004 onwards, they were displayed at the Zetra complex, patiently awaiting their return home.


Finally, on October 8, 2020, the Olympic Museum ceremoniously reopened its doors to visitors, offering a renewed experience.


Following the model of the International Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the Museum’s concept and programs aim to synthesize and promote two fundamental aspects: sports and art.


It encompasses everything related to the 1984 Olympics, now expanded to include EYOF 2019 exhibits, along with a curated collection of artworks from prestigious global and Bosnian-Herzegovinian artists.

Ismar Mujezinović posters


Olympic Museum
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Ilona RabinowitzIlona Rabinowitz
16:08 23 Dec 23
Ervin BejdicErvin Bejdic
13:24 22 Dec 23
Ana StojčićAna Stojčić
17:54 17 Dec 23
Belma NBelma N
18:15 11 Dec 23
Beata KorzeniewiczBeata Korzeniewicz
12:59 10 Dec 23
A good, short film about the Olympics. But not many souvenirs
Edin SacakEdin Sacak
16:27 08 Dec 23
A museum that reminds us of the days when Sarajevo was the center of the world, a large number of different objects and other things from that period. A must visit.
19:19 22 Nov 23
Milan ObradovicMilan Obradovic
21:49 14 Nov 23
17:09 12 Nov 23
This is listed as an attraction included in the city pass, but they refused to honor it. In fact, the tall slender man with grey hair made me pay cash to enter on top of what I already paid for the city pass.DO NOT come here expecting the city pass to work.
Laura MikulićLaura Mikulić
13:41 10 Nov 23
Roman CafutaRoman Cafuta
06:06 03 Nov 23
It's worth a look
Jernej DezmanJernej Dezman
16:00 02 Nov 23
We were expecting more. In a way we understand, but still a bit dissapointing. One would expect a souvenir shop l but there is none. We would love to buy a Vučko from the museum instead of a random guy on bascarsija. Admission is a bit steep regarding the size of an exhibition.
Uroš PUroš P
14:20 01 Nov 23
Dusan VrbanDusan Vrban
17:10 31 Oct 23
Thoughtful memory of the biggest sport event in the history of Yugoslavia.
Merjem MihaljevićMerjem Mihaljević
17:12 28 Oct 23
15:36 25 Oct 23
Tiny museum about the 1984 winter Olympics. Relatively expensive and only cash payment possible.
Gözde ŞahinyılmazGözde Şahinyılmaz
16:54 18 Oct 23
Winter Olympics museum. 2 floors can be visited in a maximum of 30 minutes. 12 km per person. It's a bit expensive, but if you come to visit, it's among the places to visit.
Georgiy IlyuschenkoGeorgiy Ilyuschenko
17:25 16 Oct 23
Nice collection of memorabilia bit a pretty small one
Marija RunicMarija Runic
14:44 13 Oct 23
ivana Kozulivana Kozul
20:53 08 Oct 23
Ibrahim ČamparaIbrahim Čampara
14:50 02 Oct 23
A must visit and bring back memories of the days when the whole world watched the competitions and the city of Sarajevo. The first Winter Olympic Games in a communist country organized and held at an enviable level.
Razvan TeodorescuRazvan Teodorescu
10:44 02 Oct 23
عيسى الرزنيعيسى الرزني
23:32 19 Sep 23
Josip JakopecJosip Jakopec
15:18 15 Sep 23
Suzanne SSuzanne S
12:36 07 Sep 23
Small museum but interesting and informative. After walking down bobsled course yesterday it was nice to see some videos of 1984 events, maps of facilities and equipment used. Interesting Olympic art work too. Cash only (BAM or Euro) 5 BAM for a senior.
Nerina SivonjicNerina Sivonjic
12:07 06 Sep 23
Eivind ThorpEivind Thorp
11:48 05 Sep 23
Alenka CesaAlenka Cesa
17:14 21 Jul 23
It was a lovely and mostly interesting way to hide away from the summer heat. I'd recommend to everyone, because it's part od the city history; an extra hard recommendation for those that love and enjoy sports and sport trivia in general.
13:31 01 Jul 23
Like much else in Sarajevo the museum is well worth a visit but it needs investment. However there is much to reward the visitor especially the exhibitions on former Yugoslavia which are of high quality and are full of interesting details. The museum is complemented by a good shop selling a variety of quality items and the Tito cafe which is full of authentic memorabilia and is a shaded haven in the punishing summer heat.
Arman AlaverdyanArman Alaverdyan
05:50 14 Jun 23
I had a delightful experience exploring the museum. The staff was incredibly friendly and made me feel welcome. The exhibits at the museum were impressive and well-curated. It would take approximately 30 minutes to fully appreciate all of them. Just a heads up, they only accept cash for admission.
Ivona PamukovicIvona Pamukovic
07:36 04 Dec 22
Nicely organised museum with some very interesting facts about the Olympics. The visit shouldn’t take a lot of time - 30min up to 1h if you are keen to learn everything they offer.(Before/after the museum, take a coffee in the nearby place called Kawa.)

Just a stone’s throw from the Olympic Games Museum, take a delightful break with coffee at Caffe Kawa or indulge in tea at Tea House Franz & Sophie. A perfect oasis to unwind and enjoy in Sarajevo.


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