Old Jewish Cemetery in Sarajevo

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a historically significant site that holds great cultural and historical value. It serves as a testament to the rich Jewish heritage in the region and stands as a reminder of the once thriving Jewish community in Sarajevo.

The cemetery is located in the neighborhood of Alifakovac and dates back to the 16th century. It holds graves dating from the Ottoman period to the present day. The cemetery contains around 3,500 tombstones, known as stećci, with inscriptions in Hebrew, Ladino, and Bosnian.

One of the notable aspects of the cemetery is its unique architectural and cultural blend. The tombstones feature various artistic styles influenced by both Ottoman and Sephardic Jewish traditions. Visitors can observe diverse symbols, motifs, and Hebrew inscriptions that reflect the cultural heritage and beliefs of the Jewish community.

The cemetery holds historical significance as it witnessed the rise and decline of the Jewish community in Sarajevo. During the Ottoman era, Jews enjoyed relative tolerance and were an integral part of the city’s multicultural fabric. However, like many Jewish communities in Europe, they faced persecution and the devastating effects of World War II and the Holocaust. The cemetery serves as a poignant reminder of those dark times.

Today, the Old Jewish Cemetery stands as a cultural and historical landmark, attracting visitors interested in exploring the Jewish heritage of Sarajevo. It serves as a place of remembrance and reflection, preserving the memory of the Jewish community and its contributions to the city’s diverse history.

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