Sand Pyramids | Pješčane Piramide | Foča


The Sand Pyramids are a fascinating natural phenomenon located near the city of Foča in Bosnia & Herzegovina. These natural pyramids are a unique geological phenomenon that attracts with their beauty and incredible appearance.


Just nine kilometers from Foča, near the old road to Miljevina, you’ll find the virtually unknown natural wonders known as the Foča Earth Pyramids.


This hidden gem remains a well-kept secret, even among many Bosnians and Herzegovinians. The pyramids, composed of sandy clay gradually eroded by wind, rain, and extreme temperatures.

This ongoing natural process creates a unique and breathtaking landscape. Similar earth pyramid formations can also be found in Tyrol on the Italy-Austria border, in the canyons of Colorado, USA and Devil’s Town, Serbia. Explore this exceptional geological wonder on the outskirts of Foča and be amazed by nature’s artistry.


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