The parish and sanctuary of St. John the Baptist | Župa i svetište svetog Ivana Krstitelja | Podmilacje

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Discover Podmilačje, a picturesque settlement nestled in the municipality of Jajce. Located on the right bank of the Vrbas River, just 5 kilometers north and downstream from Jajce, this historic village is brimming with cultural significance.

Sanctuary of St. John the Baptist


Podmilačje is renowned for the Sanctuary of St. John the Baptist. The church, blessed in 1416, stood as the sole preserved Franciscan church from the medieval period. Despite facing destruction in 1992, the church was successfully reconstructed on its original foundations.

Pilgrimage Destination

The village attracts pilgrims from across Europe, with a pilgrimage tradition dating back to the 18th century. Records mention thousands of devotees, especially during the feast of St. John (June 24th).

Parish of Podmilačje


In the mid-19th century, plans for a new church in Podmilačje emerged, realized only in 1910 due to financial constraints. The neo-Gothic structure, shaped like a Latin cross, incorporated the existing St. John’s Church as a side chapel. The church underwent renovations in the 60s and later additions in the 70s, with various artworks enhancing its interior.

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