Rama Lake | Ramsko jezero


Discover the breathtaking beauty of Rama Lake, a mesmerizing reservoir nestled along the Rama River in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Surrounded by the majestic Raduša, Makljen, Ljubuša, and Vrana mountain ranges, this pristine lake was created in 1968 and spans an impressive 12 kilometers with a maximum depth of 95 meters, offering water levels that can fluctuate up to 50 meters.

Cultural Delights at Šćit Peninsula


What makes Ramsko Lake truly enchanting are its picturesque islands and peninsulas, with the most renowned being the Šćit Peninsula, resembling a guitar in shape.


Here, within the Franciscan Monastery complex, you’ll find the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the House of Peace, and the Ethnographic Museum.



The Šćit Peninsula also hosts the popular Gaj tavern, where you can indulge in local delights such as homemade pies, lamb, veal, cheese, and trout, complemented by a sip of the renowned ramska šljivovica.

Historical Secrets Revealed

Several years ago, the lake’s water level dropped significantly, unveiling intriguing remnants of the past, including traces of ancient trees, a graveyard, and a settlement dating back over 500 years. A testament to the rich history that lies beneath its waters.

Biking and Hiking Adventures

For cycling enthusiasts, the area surrounding Ramsko Lake features diverse biking trails, with the most attractive being the “Circle around Ramsko Lake.”

Circle around Ramsko Lake

This 34 km route offers a scenic journey through picturesque villages and showcasing stunning views of Ramsko Lake and its surroundings.

The area is also a haven for hikers, surrounded by mountains like Ljubuša, Raduša, Makljen, Studena planina, Bokševica, Čvrsnica, and Vran.


Explore well-marked hiking trails like trail Fenix, leading to the summit of Idovac (1956 m, Mountain Radovac), offering breathtaking panoramic vistas of Ramsko Lake, Zahum, Ravašnica, and beyond.

Scenic Vantage Points


Umna Glava stands out as the most favored and picturesque vantage point of Ramsko Lake, nestled in the mountain village of Zahum, also recognized as the ‘Rumbočka Planina.’ A sanctuary for the mind, soul, and heart.

Summer Bliss and Water Activities

During the hot summer days, Ramsko Lake beckons with its tranquil waters, offering ideal conditions for swimming and bathing.


The best bathing spots can be found in Ploča, Podbor, Šćit, and Jaklići.


For fishing enthusiasts, Ramsko Lake is a paradise for sports fishing, regularly stocked with fish.


If you’re interested in fishing at Ramsko Lake, please contact SRTD “Ramske vode” for information on necessary permits, which is ensuring the sustainable management of the lake’s fish population.


Embrace the serenity of Ramsko Lake with a rowing or kayaking adventure. The Rowing Club Rama is the place to rent kayaks and explore the hidden corners of the lake, visiting islets, coves, and springs from a unique perspective.


Experience the charm of Ramsko Lake also through a boat ride, allowing passengers to marvel at the lake’s stunning surroundings, including the source of the Rama River, the Rama Hydroelectric Power Plant dam, and the iconic Šćit Peninsula.

Hydroelectric Power Plant


Motorcycle enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline rush can explore the vast landscapes and untamed beauty of the Prozor-Rama region on thrilling rides through mountains and forest paths.

Year-Round Accessibility


With accommodation options nearby, Ramsko Lake is accessible year-round, especially charming during the summer months when you can experience all the wonders of the lake from your own camper.

Winter wonderland

During winter, the lake transforms into a winter wonderland, with blue skies, white peaks, and occasionally frozen patches, creating a magical setting.

Situated in proximity to the Blidinje Nature Park and near the cities of Prozor, Tomislavgrad, Bugojno, and Jablanica, Ramsko Lake is easily accessible via asphalted roads, offering a gateway to an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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