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A Symbol of Resilience Amidst the Bosnian War

Discover the Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope Museum, a testament to resilience during the 1425-day siege of Sarajevo. Explore how this 720-meter lifeline tunnel, opened on July 30, 1993, connected the besieged city with the outside world, ensuring the survival of its people by transporting humanitarian aid, food, and essential supplies.

Entrance to Resilience

In the midst of the war (1992.-1995.), Sarajevo faced a siege that isolated it from the external world. The tunnel, painstakingly hand-dug by Bosnian Army soldiers and civilians, emerged as the sole conduit for transporting people, sustenance, and essential supplies in and out of the beleaguered city.


Stretching approximately 720 meters, the tunnel ran beneath the airport runway, serving as a lifeline for Sarajevo’s survival.

Lifeline Statistics

The Sarajevo Tunnel facilitated the transportation of humanitarian aid, food, and medicine, securing the city’s survival and the well-being of its residents. Throughout its operational period, the tunnel witnessed the passage of:

  • 1,120,000 individuals
  • 5,534,837 kg of food
  • 13,500,000 kg of food carried on the backs of people
  • 8,852,068 kg of goods for the commercial market
  • 4,516,459 kg of material and technical supplies
  • 549,326 kg of miscellaneous equipment
  • 4,500,000 liters of oil
  • 80,000,000 kWh of electrical energy


On average, 4,000 people and 20 tons of various materials traversed the tunnel on a daily basis, underscoring its critical role as a conduit for survival during one of the darkest periods in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s history.

Journey Through History


Today, the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum invites visitors to delve into the harrowing narrative of the Bosnian War and the valiant endeavors of Sarajevo’s inhabitants to withstand and resist the relentless siege.


The museum showcases a compelling array of exhibits, featuring photographs, artifacts, and video footage that vividly depict life in the city during the war and the arduous construction of the tunnel.

Walk Through Time


Immerse yourself in history by strolling through a section of the original tunnel, meticulously preserved and restored for an authentic experience. This tangible connection to the past provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced by the people of Sarajevo during one of the darkest chapters in the recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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