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The mills on the Pliva River are a collection of historic watermills located 5 km from the town of Jajce, between Pliva Lakes. These traditional mills, known as Pliva Mills, hold cultural and historical significance in the region.

Pliva Lakes

The Pliva Mills were built centuries ago and were an essential part of the local economy. They were used to grind grain, producing flour and other agricultural products. The mills took advantage of the power generated by the flowing waters of the Pliva River, using waterwheels to drive the grinding mechanisms.

Today, the mills serve as a unique attraction, offering visitors a glimpse into the region’s traditional milling techniques and architectural heritage. The wooden structures, often adorned with traditional patterns, stand in picturesque locations along the river, creating a charming and rustic atmosphere.

Some of the mills have been restored and preserved, while others have fallen into disrepair over time. Nevertheless, they contribute to the cultural landscape and provide a connection to the region’s past.

The mills on the Pliva River, combined with the nearby Pliva Spring and the famous Pliva Waterfall, form a scenic ensemble that attracts tourists and locals alike. The surrounding area offers opportunities for leisurely walks, photography, and experiencing the tranquil beauty of nature.

Pliva Waterfall in town Jajce

Visitors to the Pliva Mills can explore the mills’ interiors, witnessing the grinding mechanisms and gaining insight into the milling process. Additionally, there are cultural events and festivals that take place in the area, showcasing traditional customs, music, and local cuisine.

The mills on the Pliva River are a testament to the historical and cultural significance of milling in the region, providing a glimpse into the past and offering a charming setting for visitors to enjoy.

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