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…A Culinary Delight from Herzegovina…


Bellows cheese, a unique product with a rich history, embodies the culinary authenticity of Herzegovina. Exclusively crafted in this region, it is often made from cow’s milk, occasionally from sheep’s milk.


The cheese-making technology behind Bellows tells a fascinating story, reminiscent of the process of crafting tartare steak. Faced with the need to preserve food, Herzegovinians devised a method to extend the shelf life of cheese, ensuring its availability even during winter when milk production decreases. The sheepskin became instrumental in this process, acting as a “trap” for the cheese.


The production process begins by adding natural rennet to sterilized and warmed milk. After two days, the cheese is pressed with heavy stone slabs. It is then cut into pieces and placed in sheepskin, where it matures for about two months.


The final product, Bellows cheese, boasts an irregular shape and a color ranging from white to a slight yellowish hue, carrying the distinct aroma of the sheepskin.


This fatty, high-quality dairy product can be used in various dishes, allowing for culinary creativity. However, due to its strong and distinctive flavor, it is often enjoyed on its own, paired with bread, flatbread, potatoes, uštipci and dried meat. A glass of “Vranac” or “Blatina” further enhances the gastronomic experience.


Bellows cheese is not an industrial product; it is exclusively produced by small farms, preserving traditional recipes.

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