Suho meso

…stelja, pastrma, pečenica, suhovina, suhač…

Suho meso, a beloved Bosnian delicacy, is created through a meticulous process of salting, drying, and smoking beef over oak fire. The key is to achieve the perfect balance of moisture, requiring skilled craftsmanship and traditional know-how passed down through generations.

Traditionally seasoned with garlic or pepper, suho meso holds a prominent place in Bosnian feasts and celebratory gatherings. Its popularity has made it a staple dish enjoyed during special occasions throughout the country. Experience the rich flavors and cultural significance of suho meso, a testament to Bosnian culinary heritage.

Visočka pečenica

Discover the renowned Visocka Pecenica, a popular variety of suho meso, hailing from Visoko, a charming town near Sarajevo, known for its exceptional production of this traditional dried beef delicacy.

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