Dining in Baščaršija

Experience culinary delights in Baščaršija, Sarajevo‘s vibrant historic district. Savor traditional Bosnian cuisine at charming eateries amidst cobbled streets and bustling bazaars. Taste iconic dishes like ćevapi, burek, and baklava, and indulge in rich flavors passed down through generations. Let the heartwarming hospitality of local restaurants and cafés make your dining experience in Baščaršija truly unforgettable.

Caffe Divan | Sarajevo

The summer garden of Café Divan, located in Morića Han on Baščaršija, is one of the most popular and beloved spots in the city. With thick walls providing shade, trees offering a cool retreat, and a gentle breeze, the atmosphere in the garden is exceptionally pleasant, especially during hot days when the temperature within the

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Baklava Shop Sarajevo

Baklava Shop Sarajevo is a must-visit destination for all dessert enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Sarajevo, this charming pastry shop offers a wide variety of delicious baklava, a traditional sweet treat made of layers of filo pastry filled with nuts and soaked in sweet syrup. With its authentic flavors and delightful aromas, Baklava Shop

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Miris dunja Baščaršija Sarajevo

…Charming Bosnian Café Experience… Miris Dunja Baščaršija is a charming café located in the heart of Baščaršija, the old town of Sarajevo. Known for its cozy atmosphere and traditional Bosnian decor, it offers a delightful experience for visitors. View this post on Instagram A post shared by goroPRO (@_goropro_) You can indulge in a variety

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Nanina Kuhinja Sarajevo

…Grandma’s Kitchen… Restaurant “Nanina kuhinja” in Sarajevo offers a delightful culinary experience with a focus on traditional Bosnian cuisine. Known for its warm and inviting atmosphere, this restaurant serves a variety of authentic dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From delicious klepe and Bey’s soup to mouthwatering stews and desserts, Nanina kuhinja offers a

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Aščinica Hadžibajrić | Sarajevo

Nestled in Baščaršija, Aščinica Hadzibajric, established in 1860, embodies Bosnian culinary history. With a commitment to authenticity, it uses locally sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness by closing once the daily fare sells out. Hosting since 1964, it offers a menu featuring traditional Bosnian delights, served in metal sahanas. From begova corba to klepe, the dishes showcase the country’s culinary heritage. Concluding the gastronomic journey, Aščinica presents tantalizing desserts like kadaif and compote, inviting all to savor the timeless flavors of Bosnian cuisine.

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Ćevabdžinica Željo | Sarajevo

Ćevabdžinica Željo in Sarajevo is a must-visit spot for experiencing the local culinary scene. Known for its delicious ćevapi, a traditional Bosnian dish of grilled minced meat served with bread and condiments, Ćevabdžinica Željo offers a flavorful and authentic taste of Bosnian cuisine. The atmosphere is casual and lively, with locals and tourists alike enjoying

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Buregdžinica Sač | Sarajevo

Buregdžinica Sac is a renowned eatery in Sarajevo, specializing in the traditional Bosnian dish called pita. This popular establishment serves a variety of mouthwatering pitas flavors, including meat, cheese, spinach, and potato fillings. View this post on Instagram A post shared by TasteAtlas (@tasteatlas) With its cozy atmosphere and delicious food, Buregdžinica Sac offers a

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