Memorial of the Murdered Children of Besieged Sarajevo 1992-1995 | Spomen-obilježje ubijenoj djeci opkoljenog Sarajeva 1992–1995 | Sarajevo

© Dan Perez

The Memorial Monument for the Children of Besieged Sarajevo, located in Veliki park, the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, Sarajevo, stands as a solemn reminder of the city’s past. Unveiled on May 9, 2009, this memorial is a tribute to the young lives lost during the Siege of Sarajevo.

At the core of this monument is a bronze ring, encasing two glass sculptures, measuring 5 and 3 meters in height. Engraved on the bronze ring, which has a diameter of 10 meters and stands 0.7 meters tall, are imprints of the footsteps of relatives of the fallen children. Crafted from shell casings and ammunition fired upon Sarajevo, this ring signifies the city’s enduring spirit throughout the nearly four-year-long siege. The glass sculptures within the ring, distinct in height yet leaning towards each other, symbolize a mother’s fierce instinct to shield her child.

A display of pedestals

Exactly a year after the monument’s unveiling, a display of seven pedestals was established behind the memorial, bearing the names of 521 children out of the total 1,621 who tragically lost their lives during that tumultuous period.

This monument, nestled within the embrace of Great Park, not only commemorates the innocence that was lost but also serves as a poignant reminder of Sarajevo’s resilience in the face of adversity.


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