Turhan Emin Beg Mosque | Turhan Emin-begova džamija | Ustikolina

Discover the Turhan Emin Beg Mosque, the oldest mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Built in 1448, this sacred site has endured wars and restoration, symbolizing the resilience and devotion of its worshippers. Turhan Emin Beg Mosque holds significant historical importance as the first mosque in Ustikolina and one of the oldest Islamic architectural structures in the region. Despite the challenges it has faced, including destruction during World War II and the conflict in the 1990s, the mosque has been rebuilt and restored with dedication and community support. Marvel at the majestic minaret and ornate ornamentation, and witness the blend of tradition and modernity in this remarkable place of worship. Let the Turhan Emin Beg Mosque captivate you with its tales of the past and the hope it holds for the future.

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