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Una National Park is a picturesque protected area Nestled south of Bihać, near the border with Croatia and is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s four national parks. It was established in 2008 to preserve the exceptional natural beauty of the Una River and its surrounding landscapes.

At the heart of the park flows the enchanting Una River, revered by the Romans who aptly named it “the one and only” due to its mesmerizing beauty. Here, the river cascades over limestone formations, forming spellbinding waterfalls like Štrbački buk and Milančev waterfall in Martin Brod.

Martin Brod

Štrbački buk, standing at 24.5 meters tall, is the park’s tallest waterfall, renowned for its thunderous roar and powerful spray, while Milančev buk in Martin Brod exudes a serene elegance, with a total complex of waterfalls stretching over 800 meters and a vertical drop of 54 meters.

Visitors can explore the park via a network of trails, including a picturesque wooden boardwalk with staircases and handrails offering easy access to the majestic waterfalls. Scenic viewpoints along the way provide panoramic vistas of the park’s natural wonders.


Near Milančev buk, visitors can relax at the well-equipped picnic area of Lučica, which also offers camping facilities, fishing opportunities, and access to marked hiking trails such as Martin’s Path and Path under the Gredu.


Martin Brod, a charming village within the park, boasts additional attractions, including an eco-friendly laundry facility known as the “bučnica.” This centuries-old contraption utilizes the power of Una’s pristine water to wash clothes without detergent, showcasing traditional craftsmanship and sustainable living practices.

Further upstream, Kulen Vakuf serves as a hub for exploring the park’s historical landmarks, including the medieval fortress of Ostrovica, perched majestically above the Una River and its tributaries. The fortress, dating back to the Middle Ages, once stood as the most fortified stronghold in the upper reaches of the Una River.


With its abundance of waterfalls, rapids, and cascades, Una River offers exhilarating opportunities for rafting & kayaking enthusiasts. Certified rafting agencies within the national park provide guided tours led by experienced skippers, ensuring a safe and unforgettable adventure on the pristine waters of Una.

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