Vjetrenica Cave | Pećina Vjetrenica


Discover the captivating underground habitats of Vjetrenica, featuring cave channels, cracks, underground waters, and diverse life forms.


These subterranean environments boast stable conditions with consistent temperatures, generally mirroring the region’s average annual temperatures, and optimal humidity levels.


Vjetrenica is known for the phenomenon of strong ‘wind’ at its entrance, driven by air circulation to equalize internal and external temperatures.


The cave hosts a rich cave ecosystem with nearly 200 animal species, including 92 troglobionts, making it a global biodiversity hotspot. The underground temperatures hover around 11.4°C, fostering a unique environment. Additionally, the chemical composition of water reveals high oxygen saturation and consistent calcium levels.


Vjetrenica’s karst landscape, shaped by the dissolution of soluble rocks like limestone and dolomite, adds to its geological allure. The cave’s intricate formations, known as speleogenesis, are a testament to the ongoing interaction of water and rocks, creating a remarkable underground world.


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