Beaver cave | Dabarska pećina | Sanski most


Discover the Beaver Cave, located in the middle of the beautiful landscapes of the Grmeč mountain. Shaped by intricate natural processes over millions of years, Beaver Cave, located not far from Sanski Most, is one of the prominent attractions of the region.


The journey to Beaver Cave involves driving on an asphalt road followed by a gravel road.

Visitors can choose to descend on foot for about 15 minutes to the entrance to the cave and the source of the river of the same name.

At the site of the cave, the river erupts with tremendous force from the rock, embarking on an underground journey that stretches for 7 kilometers before flowing into the Sana River. The entrance to the cave, resembling a tunnel carved into a vertical rock, is about twenty meters high. Exploring the spacious interior allows wandering about 200 meters without special equipment, which leads to a lake with crystal clear water.


Beyond this point, exploration requires the assistance of a boat and diving equipment. Speleological studies have revealed that the cave bifurcates into two channels, further extending into a network of smaller passages that remain largely uncharted. Although the archaeological data on the Beaver Cave are limited, excavations carried out in the 1960s confirmed that it was inhabited during the post-Neolithic period.

The discoveries included the remains of the late Vučedol culture, specifically of the Hrustovački type, characteristic of the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the Sana basin.

The cave is home to various species of bats and cave spiders, and it is interesting that ten years ago a population of human fish was found in one of its lakes. In addition, the cave is a habitat for the species of cave crayfish, Troglocaris bosnica, which contributes to its unique ecological tapestry.


In essence, Beaver Cave is not only a geological wonder, but also a testament to the rich history and diverse ecosystems that thrived within its ancient walls. Accept the opportunity to dive into the mysteries hidden under Mount Grmeč and witness the fascinating stories carved in the rocks of the Beaver Cave.

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