Necropolis | Stečci | Ravanjska vrata Kupres


Explore the historic Nekropola Ravanjska Vrata in the municipality of Kupres, one of the 22 medieval stećak necropolises in Bosnia and Herzegovina declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2016.


The necropolis, divided into Donja (Lower) and Gornja (Upper) sections, features intricately carved stećaks adorned with motifs such as ribbons, borders, rosettes, crosses, crescents, and floral stylizations.


Learn about the rich cultural heritage as you discover 43 well-crafted stećaks in the Donja section and 25 in the Gornja section, surrounded by natural stone formations.


Despite some stećaks being partially submerged or overturned, their historical significance endures, offering a glimpse into the medieval era.

expect approx. 5 km of macadam road to the location

Medieval Tombstones Graveyards | Stećci
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